пятница, 24 декабря 2010 г.

Открыл диспут в paypal

Выбрал пункт item not recived, так как в иных случаях народ в форумах пишет сложнее решается вопрос

Текст диспута.

23.11.2010 at ebay.com I  bought Amazon Kindle3
Seller’s name: slickdealzone
The PayPal transaction is: eBay Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 8NV08669TU933300E)

24/11/2010 package was sent to Russia by EMS with track number EC702669097US
11/12/2010  Package has been arrived in Russia. In track weight of package was 420 grams:

Yesterday, 12/23/2010 I received a package at delivery department of Russian Post:.

Here a declaration sheet which attached to the package:

Package’s weight should be  ~1kg according to information from the declaration. But I recieved a package with less weight: 420 grams. There is an Act of the Russian Post in package, which says that the actual weight of the my package is different from the stated amount:

I has opened the package. The box was opened and there was no Kindl3:

Only user’s manual of device was inside the box.

I went to the supermarket to weigh the package with Kindle’s box, it’s weight was 420 grams:
600 grams from package is gone, with my Kindl.
I mean that the package had already arrived in Russia without Kindl.
I demanding a refund.

This situation in my blog http://bit.ly/hJrOhv

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